During Their Stay

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I offer my daycare and boarding services from my rural home, located on an 8 acre property.  I may not have a fancy facility, but many happy dogs can attest that they don’t care a bit! My location offers many options for the dogs to have an enjoyable experience where they can just be dogs! Please note that this means your dog is likely to get dirty during the fun they will have boarding here. If this is something that concerns you, this location will not be the right fit! There are multiple fenced areas and all fencing is 6 foot high, commercial grade fencing. Because I offer cage free boarding and daycare, dogs will spend the majority of their time with other dogs. Dogs that are trustworthy off leash can also join on supervised walks exploring the entire 8 acre property which includes a large pond.  Walks/bike rides in the surrounding rural area, when weather permits, may also be provided. In the house, the dogs have access to the main floor and multiple sleeping and play areas are available. The dogs can come and go freely for the majority of each day from the house to the attached fenced area via doggy doors.  I do also have a few separate areas in the house blocked off where I can separate dogs during brief times that I cannot directly supervise, during feeding time as needed, or if a dog requires some space or quiet time.  These areas are also used for smaller breeds, senior, or special needs dogs during their stay.

On the documents you will be required to complete, you can indicate your preference for your dog’s sleeping arrangements.  There are a variety of options available, including in my bedroom with me, free range in the house, in a confined area/space, or in a crate.

*Please do NOT bring your pet’s bed or crate. I will provide whatever is needed and have every size of crate imaginable if you prefer your dog be crated.

**Dogs spend almost all of their stay in the company of other dogs.  This type of boarding is not suitable for all dogs.  If your dog is very timid, easily overstimulated, or can be reactive around other dogs, cage free boarding may not be the right fit.  Social, easy-going dogs thrive best in a cage free boarding type of environment.

*Please be honest about your pet’s behaviour and advise in advance if your pup has had problems with other animals.   *Please note that at this time I am not able to accommodate boarding or daycare for dogs that have exhibited aggressive behaviour towards other animals.  I can offer suggestions for other boarding facilities should you have a dog that would do better in a more controlled environment with less interaction with other dogs.

*In any situation where animals are allowed to house together and interact with one another, there is risk of injury.  Rough play, etc. can lead to scratches, ear nips, etc.  While care is taken to minimize all risks, and any problems are addressed promptly, please make sure you understand that there are certain risks involved in choosing to board in a cage free boarding type facility.  You acknowledge this risk when you choose to book a stay.

*If you are unsure how your dog will do, I recommend booking them in for a day of daycare during a quieter time so that they can be assessed for suitability for this type of boarding.

Cats  **Please note – cat boarding for NEW clients is temporarily unavailable**

Cats are given free range access to a large room with multiple windows. The room is equipped with furniture, scratching posts, toys, litter boxes, etc. They will receive ample daily attention and playtime.

*Space to board cats is very limited.  For those with social cats that are not easily stressed, and if you are willing for your kitty to share space with other cats during their stay, I can be more flexible.


During your pet’s stay, I will regularly post photos and/or videos to the boardingFacebook page facebook.com/katskritterspetdaycareandboarding.  You can also follow the Instagram account @katskrittersboarding. You are welcome to text message (204-745-7842) and or email for updates as well.  I may not always be available to respond immediately to update requests, but I will reply as soon as I am able. If for some reason you do not want images of your pet shared during their visit, you must make this request in advance.

**You are welcome and encouraged to share any of the photos posted of your pet, but I do request that photo credit be given please to Kat’s Kritters Pet Daycare and Boarding.┬áPlease share directly from the page or, if saving and reposting photos, make sure that clear credit is given to Kat’s Kritters Pet Daycare and Boarding. Thank you for your cooperation.