Drop Off/Pick Up

Drop off and pick up appointments will occur outdoors.  When you arrive, please wait until I come out to greet you.  Please limit the number of people attending the drop off/pick up, or have only one adult exit the vehicle to do the hand off of your pet.  Thank you for your cooperation.

**Please keep all children inside the vehicle during drop off/pick up appointments.

*Make sure your dog is wearing a secure collar at the time of drop off and is on a leash.  Prong collars, bark/electronic “training” collars, and retractable leashes are not permitted.

*All cats must be in a secure carrier.

*Important:  A booking will NOT be confirmed without BOTH a drop off AND pick up TIME (not just date) scheduled at the time the booking is made. Your pet will NOT be considered booked in without this information.  Drop off and pick up times are scheduled appointments.  Please be on time for your appointments.

*If anyone other than you (your pet’s legal owner) will be dropping off or picking up your pet from boarding/daycare, you MUST notify me and provide permission in ADVANCE. Thank you.

*There are NOT any public bathroom facilities on site for you to access. Sorry!

*Note:  When dropping off your pet, it is preferred that drop off be as “fuss-free” as possible and is not prolonged.  The other dogs on site are often very excitable whenever someone enters the property, which can be overwhelming for a new dog, and the transition is much smoother for all involved if drop off is short and sweet.  If it is your dog’s first time, I have a very specific procedure in place that begins as soon as you leave and involves me spending time alone with your dog first, to help them get used to me and to the property.  This also allows time for the other dogs to settle down.  I then will introduce the new dog to my own dogs and then to any other dogs on site.  This process can take some time, so please make sure to arrive on time for your scheduled drop off so that I can commit the full time that I will have set aside to making the experience as positive as possible for your dog.  **Please keep all children inside the vehicle during drop off/pick up appointments.

*Due to working alone and prioritizing the safety of the animals in care, it is important that at least 24 hours notice is provided for scheduling/changing drop off and pick up times so that I can appropriately schedule my days. Same day requests to change drop off/pick up appointments cannot be accommodated. Requests to change drop off or pick up appointments are required to be made at least 24 hours in advance.

DROP OFF appointments are available between the hours of 8:00AM and 6:30PM Due to the amount of time it takes to properly, and safely, integrate your pet into the cage free group setting, drop off appointments will now only be accepted for time slots of 6:30PM or earlier.  Thank you for your understanding.

PICK UP appointments are available between the hours of 8:00AM and 6:30PM.

***Drop off and pick up times are scheduled appointments. PLEASE BE ON TIME.*** There will be additional fees charged for late drop off/pick up (see the rates/fees section) and service may be refused in future for chronically late clients.

Changing drop off/pick up times 

  • Drop off and pick up times can be rescheduled provided the change is requested at least 24 hours in advance.  Please note that due to other appointments that may be already scheduled, not all requests to change a drop off/pick up time can be accommodated.
  • I do understand that emergencies (and life in general) happen!  I just ask for clear communication regarding any changes required, and I will do my best to accommodate, but please understand that I can no longer accommodate same day requests to change drop off/pick up appointments and your pet may need to stay until the following day when a mutually acceptable time can be arranged.

Important Note for New Clients – You MUST provide the completed and signed Application document and Consent/Waiver document either in advance or at the time of your pet’s first visit, as well as a copy of your pet’s CURRENT vaccination records. These Application and Consent/Waiver will be emailed to you at the time you request a booking. These forms cannot be completed on site (no office area available currently), so must be completed in advance. Your pet will be refused for daycare or boarding if these documents are not provided. The forms remain on file and only need to be completed again should any changes to the form, or your pet’s care, be required.