Name: Wiggles
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: unknown, older
Status: Available for Adoption

Wiggles came into rescue in neglected condition. She has since been spayed, had her matted fur trimmed, had dental surgery to have some teeth extracted, has gained weight, and is ready to find the right forever home! Wiggles is a lot of dog in a small package! This little dog is feisty and yappy. She likes to play and is sweet as can be once she has bonded to you. She does need careful and slow introduction to new people as she has potential to nip when feeling unsure. Wiggles does fine with other dogs with proper introduction, but does have quite serious resource guarding issues around other animals so if expected to live with another dog this would need to be managed to ensure a peaceful home and the safety of all. She will attack other animals (big or small) over food, treats, toys, or anything else she feels is valuable to her. She would likely be best suited as an only pet in a home with a dog experienced owner that will help build Wiggles’ confidence while setting boundaries. A home without children is recommended. Wiggles will require regular grooming and effort will need to be made to help her feel comfortable with the grooming process. This little firecracker loves to run and explore! She does have luxating patellas which makes it difficult for her to do extended exercise though and causes her to avoid bending her back legs. This cutie really deserves to find a loving home where her needs will be met and she can learn how to be a calm, stable dog so that she can experience life in a new way. She may need some extra effort at first, but she is worth it and has loads of potential to be an amazing, loving companion.

Please review the adoption process at http://katskrittersmb.ca/adopt/adoption-process/ prior to submitting an application.