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Approx. Date of Birth: 2012
Date of Intake: July 23, 2019

2021 Annual Sponsor(s) - Alex & Evelyn A. ❤
2021 Flea/Tick & Heartworm Prevention Sponsor(s) - Pat M. ❤ 
I am special because: I came from a life of neglect and never learned how to be a real dog! I was not treated kindly or taught anything. My nails were overgrown and my fur was badly matted. I have never really caught on to housetraining and I bark at everything. Really it is because I'm nervous, but I am little so try and act super tough to keep people away so they don't have a chance to hurt me. I may be little, but will bite so it is hard for me to meet new people or have simple things done like my nails trimmed or being brushed. I am getting better, but I usually need to visit a vet and be fully sedated for these things. I value "my" stuff, and will seriously guard my resources from the other animals, especially food and treats. I also sometimes get really sore if I exercise too much because both of my back knees pop in and out of place due to luxating patellas. 
My Favourite Things: Food, stuffed toys, belly scratches (by people I trust).
My Best Sanctuary Friend(s):  
My medication/special diet needs are: Omega capsules (daily).