Summer Cat Adoption Promotion

The rescue is beyond full of felines and the requests to intake more come in constantly. Some of the current adoptable felines have been in care for months, and in some cases years! They all deserve loving forever homes. Please encourage your friends, family, neighbours, coworkers, and, heck, even strangers, to ADOPT! Buying a kitty or getting a “free” cat/kitten off of an online classifieds only serves to encourage more irresponsible breeding practices and create more kittens being born homeless, many of which will suffer and die before their first birthday. Adopt a cat from KKR that is already spayed/neutered, tattooed, vaccinated, dewormed, tested for feline diseases, and more! Not only will you be giving a wonderful home to a deserving kitty, but you will open up a space to help another in need. In order to help promote kitty adoptions here at KKR, for the rest of the summer adopt any of our current available felines (see the Cats Available for Adoption Album ) for only $5, plus a monetary or supply donation of your choice! Regular adoption process applies, so go to to submit an application. Please share and help get some cats adopted!