Shep and Emma – Available for Adoption as a Bonded Pair

Name: Emma
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: August 2017
Status: Available for Adoption (with Shep)

Name: Shep
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: May 2016
Status: Available for Adoption (with Emma)

Emma was adopted from the rescue as a pup back in 2017. She joined the resident furry dude, Shep, and they became fast friends. Over the past few years, Emma bonded closely with Shep and finding them a home where they can stay together is the goal. Both dogs were much loved by their previous family, but the dogs struggled with a move from farm to city and were unable to settle in as city dogs. The dogs are looking for a rural home together where their instinctive breed behaviours (namely barking) will not be an issue. Shep and Emma enjoy plenty of time outdoors, but also like being near their family. They would be ideally suited as indoor/outdoor dogs and would do great if they had access to come and go via doggy doors, for example, from the house to a securely fenced area. They do ok, under direct supervision, here on the rescue’s acreage, but would wander if not supervised. Both dogs do well with other dogs following proper introduction. Emma does best with medium or large breeds and prefers male dogs. The dogs have lived with feline housemates before, but will chase cats that run. A slow, controlled introduction and supervision will be needed if expected to live with any feline friends. Both dogs would require careful introduction/training if expected to be around farm animals. While Shep likes people of all ages, Emma is a nervous girl and is uncomfortable around strangers and children. A home without children, and where Emma would have a safe space she could go when children are visiting, is needed. Shep has had limited interaction with kids, but has done well under supervision, although his large size and exuberance means little ones can easily be knocked down. Both dogs will require regular grooming.

Shep – Shep is a mix of working breeds, so he can be a vocal guy! He likes to alert to any potential situation, i.e. “Squirrel!”! He is very worried about smooth floors/stairs and, while this has improved some, he does best if there are floor mats, etc. that he can walk on. Shep has some resource guarding around high value objects/treats, but does well if you offer to trade whatever he has for something else. He enjoys playing fetch with his favourite rope toy! Shep is a smart guy and likes to please. He knows several basic commands. He is motivated by treats and sometimes needs a reminder to accept those treats gently.

Emma – Emma loves her furry brother, Shep. She follows him everywhere. Emma is nervous/timid around humans she doesn’t know, and even occasionally around those she does. Slow, positive introductions should occur whenever she is expected to meet someone new, to set her up to succeed and help boost her confidence. It can take her some time to recover if she has a negative experience or is afraid so slow, gentle, positive methods are a must. She is more environment than people oriented. Emma knows some basic commands. She shows some possessiveness over chews and treats and does best if allowed to enjoy those items without interruption from people or other dogs. Emma is a vocal dog and has lots to say! She would do best in a home where that would not create an issue.

If you think you can meet the needs of this wonderful duo, please review the adoption process.