Please note that Kat’s Kritters Rescue is a sanctuary for animals that require specialized care for reasons of health or behaviour. These animals remain with us as permanent residents/Sanctuary Kritters and are *not* available for adoption. Learn more about us HERE. Donate or sponsor a Kritter to help us help animals in need. Learn more HERE.

Approx. Date of Birth: May 2018
Date of Intake: June 15, 2018

2021 Annual Sponsor(s) -  

I am special because: I came in as an orphaned kitten with my siblings after our mom was killed. I was adopted once and returned by my adopter with a bad upper respiratory infection. I suffer with chronic upper respiratory problems now, mostly I get sneezy and my one eye waters, but it doesn't affect my quality of life. I don't really like being over handled by humans because of all the medication I used to have to take. I don't trust hands near my face especially, but still like to receive pets and attention!
My Favourite Things: Birdwatching, playing with string toys, rolling in the litterbox.
My Best Sanctuary Friend(s): Chloe and Cocoa
My medication/special diet needs are: Probiotics to boost my immune system (Floradox or Fortiflora).