Please note that Kat’s Kritters Rescue is a sanctuary for animals that require specialized care for reasons of health or behaviour. These animals remain with us as permanent residents/Sanctuary Kritters and are *not* available for adoption. Learn more about us HERE. Donate or sponsor a Kritter to help us help animals in need. Learn more HERE.

Approx. Date of Birth: September 2020
Date of Intake: October 21, 2020 

2021 Annual Sponsor(s) - Karen B.  ❤

I am special because: When I came to the rescue, I was so sick that I was unresponsive and nearly dead. I required intensive, around the clock care, but I pulled through! I tested positive for feline leukemia and had ongoing upper respiratory infection symptoms. I was re-tested 4 times for feline leukemia, hoping that I would clear it from my system as I got older. Finally, when I was 6 months old, the test was negative! I received antibiotics for my upper respiratory infection and am now a strong, handsome kitty! 
My Best Sanctuary Friend(s): Rose
My medication/special diet needs are: Probiotics (Floradox or Fortiflora) daily to boost my immune system.