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 Rocky Blue Eyes 
 Approx. Date of Birth: 2016
 Date of Intake: April 16, 2018
 2021 Annual Sponsor(s) - Feed the Furbabies Canada ❤
 2021 Flea/Tick & Heartworm Prevention Sponsor(s) - Laura B. ❤ 

I am special because: I originally come from way up in Churchill, MB!  I was in a shelter and adopted and then escaped. I had to be trapped because no one could catch me. I later came to the sanctuary as a transfer from the other shelter. I am semi-feral and only interact with humans on my own terms. I hate being confined and will dig my way under, or climb my way over, any fence or barrier! I will chew off any leash attached to my collar. I eat my food like a wild animal, gulping it down as fast as possible, but am not scared of the slo feeder bowl anymore (it took 2 years) so now I will eat out of it and that has slowed me down so I don't choke. I don't really know how to bark, and instead I "talk" and sometimes "scream" at people or other animals when I'm excited, which scares people. I am interested in people, but am very nervous about them and don't trust easily. Even my most trusted humans can't catch me if I don't want them to! I am a free spirit!
My Favourite Things: Eating bird seed, jumping the fence, splashing in the pond and catching frogs, being "free", getting my tummy scratched (when I let people close enough to do it), stealing toys from other dogs, having the zoomies, digging holes, generally frustrating my caregivers...
My Best Sanctuary Friend(s): Seth, Qwik
My medication/special diet needs are: Trazodone (as needed for anxiety).