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Approx. Date of Birth: 2018
Date of Intake: April 29, 2019

2021 Sanctuary Sponsor(s) - Feed the Furbabies Canada ❤
2021 Flea/Tick & Heartworm Prevention Sponsor(s) - LEASH (Locating Elusive and Skittish Hounds) ❤  

I am special because: I had to be trapped in order to get safely into care because I was so scared! I am a very anxious dog and am scared of lots of things. It takes me a long time to trust new people. I panic sometimes when a storm is coming, or I feel especially scared and hate to be left alone. Even "normal" things sometimes cause me to panic, like if a human picks up a fly swatter or another item in their hands, certain noises, or if someone throws a toy or treat towards me (I think they are throwing it AT me and it scares me).  I resource guard things (and people) of value from other dogs. I will chase cars if I get the chance.
My Favourite Things: Running free (I am very fast!), going in the pond, belly scratches, playing with toys (as long as I don't know anyone is watching), chasing and barking at the pigeons. 
My Best Sanctuary Friend(s): Rocky Blue Eyes, Seth
My medication/special diet needs are: Fluoxetine (daily)