Name: Qwik
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: unknown, approx. 2018
Status: Available for Adoption

Qwik is a young (approx 1 year old) male mixed breed dog looking for a special home. He has been in rescue since this spring, when he was found running scared in fields only a few miles from the rescue. He was too afraid to be approached, and was being threatened with poison or being shot, so was trapped (see last photo) by the experts of LEASH. Qwik has come so far, but is still very afraid of anyone except for me and he is nervous about many things (terrified of a fly swatter, for example). Qwik is looking to start the next step of his journey by finding a committed foster or forever home to continue to work with him. He needs a quiet, adult only home with someone with experience working with fearful dogs using positive only methods. He will be a flight risk until he trusts so very secure fencing and extra care when on leash will be needed. He would prefer a rural home as the sights and sounds of town or city life would overwhelm him. Once Qwik bonds to you, he is stuck to you like glue and gets stressed when left alone so someone that is home most of the time is best. He does well with stable, friendly dogs. Qwik does resource guard, but it is easily managed by feeding separately from other animals (he won’t eat unless you stand there the whole time though). This guy is goofy and sweet and deserves his chance to continue to build confidence and lead the best life possible!

Please review the adoption process at http://katskrittersmb.ca/adopt/adoption-process/ prior to submitting an application.