Please note that Kat’s Kritters Rescue is a sanctuary for animals that require specialized care for reasons of health or behaviour. These animals remain with us as permanent residents/Sanctuary Kritters and are *not* available for adoption. Learn more about us HERE. Donate or sponsor a Kritter to help us help animals in need. Learn more HERE.

Approx. Date of Birth: 2012
Date of Intake: March 6, 2014

2021 Annual Sponsor(s) - Kerry R.❤  

I am special because: I am the longest term Kritter resident at the sanctuary. I am tiny for an adult cat! 
My Favourite Things: Catnip (especially the REAL stuff straight from the garden), jumping on the shoulders of humans.
My Best Sanctuary Friend(s): Pops, Dottie
My medication/special diet needs are: 

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