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Approx. Date of Birth: December 2013
Date of Intake: February 5, 2019

2021 Annual Sponsor(s) - Caressa & Jay R. ❤
2021 Flea/Tick & Heartworm Prevention Sponsor(s) -  

I am special because: I am a very anxious dog. It sometimes takes me awhile to trust new people and kids are super scary! I have some arthritis in my back legs. Xrays at the vet showed that I had many broken teeth under the gumline. In 2020, I had to get 15 teeth extracted over 3 separate dental surgeries.
My Favourite Things: Playing fetch with tennis balls, ripping the stuffing out of stuffed toys, chewing on bully sticks, kongs with canned food or peanut butter, belly scratches, running full speed, WATER (the pond and kiddie pools), treats! 
My Best Sanctuary Friend(s): Other dogs stress me out. I prefer to hang out by myself. 
My medication/special diet needs are: Fluoxetine (daily), canned food (because I'm missing lots of teeth!), Meloxicam (as needed for joint pain), OmegaPro3 capsules (daily), Trazodone (as needed for stress/anxiety).