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 Female February 2018
 Approx. Date of Birth: 
 Date of Intake: October 15, 2020

 2021 Annual Sponsor(s) - Kerry W. ❤  

I am special because: I am easily stressed and need a gentle approach. When my previous family got a new puppy, it made me anxious and I peed on the couch a couple of times so they got mad and surrendered me to the rescue. I was terrified at first and didn't trust anyone. It took me quite awhile to settle in and I still hide from new people, especially men. Now I like to talk and, on my terms, receive pets and attention from my primary caregiver. As long as I feel loved and safe, and nothing changes in my environment, I always use my litterbox.
My Favourite Things: Talking, judging humans from afar.
My Best Sanctuary Friend(s): I don't like other animals!
My medication/special diet needs are: