Name: Louie
Breed: Pomeranian
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: September 27, 2016
Status: Available for Adoption

Louie is a very energetic, playful, active dog! This handsome guy is definitely NOT the right fit if you are looking for a cuddly couch potato. He needs to be busy and is looking for an active owner that can keep up with him. Louie is very smart and loves to learn. He wants an owner that will do continuous positive training based training with him and teach him new things! He already knows some tricks thanks to the efforts of his previous family. Louie is both food and toy motivated so learns new things quickly. He enjoys long walks/hikes where he can sniff and explore and especially enjoys rolling in gross stuff… Be prepared for a dog that needs regular, professional grooming to keep him healthy and happy and the associated expense.
Louie loves to play and has some favourite toys that he will play with for ages.

Louie is a sensitive guy and is reactive in certain situations. He is always on alert (he is a barker and can be noisy) and would benefit from calm, consistent, positive, and ongoing training to help him learn to enjoy being relaxed and how to choose calm behaviours when he is unsure. He takes a bit of time to warm to new people and prefers to greet at his own pace. He has potential to nip if he is uncomfortable. He prefers interacting by way of playing instead of being handled. Once he bonds with someone, he is a loyal, loving little guy!

Louie’s ideal home would be with experienced, active adult owner(s). Because he is quick to react to stimulus, a home that is less busy and without a lot of nearby activity (passersby, dogs walking past, constant stream of visitors) would be best. He requires a home without children, but would likely be fine with dog savvy older teenagers. No cats or small animals, but with a proper introduction he could reside with another dog. He would also be happy as an only pet, perhaps with play dates with other friendly dogs in a controlled setting.

If you think you have the right home to offer this bundle of floofy energy, please review the adoption process prior to submitting an application.