Name: Wiley
Breed: Akita X
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: Approx. 2015
Status: Available for Adoption 

Wiley is a dog that loves attention! He likes to be in on the action. He is a very active dog that likes to be busy. He will require plenty of exercise in his forever home and will benefit greatly from some basic obedience training to help him focus. He is a very sweet guy, and so handsome too! Wiley is good with most other dogs, but can be possessive over his food and other resources when other dogs are present. He seems to be afraid of cats! He is good with gentle kids. Wiley has a history of roaming and has ended up in some dangerous situations by running away. He also has a strong chase instinct and will chase cars and other vehicles. His new family will need a fenced property and to take precautions to keep Wiley safe. He can easily jump a 6 foot fence. He has loads of potential and can’t wait for his very own home! He is a loyal and happy dog!