Name: Seth
Breed: Mixed
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: Approx 2014
Status: Available for Adoption

Seth came into care as an unclaimed stray. It appears Seth may have had a difficult life prior to rescue as he has several scars and had broken teeth and a large hernia when he came into care. He has since been all fixed up and he is ready for a new life! Seth is a people-friendly dog that likes going for walks, exploring, and receiving attention. He will actively ask for some loving if he feels he hasn’t received enough (belly rubs are the BEST) 🙂 He is very loyal to “his” person or people. Seth does well with some other dogs, but is not good with others. He would need to meet any dog with which he would be expected to live. Seth can jump/climb even a 6 foot fence, so precautions will need to be taken to keep him safe. He does tend to stay on the property though so has potential to make a great companion on an acreage (provided no small animals for him to get at…) and provided he was still kept as an indoor dog as he doesn’t have the coat to be a full time outdoor dog. Seth needs a home without cats or other small animals. He has not been tested with children, but older children would likely be fine. Seth is a medium sized bundle of energy and he will make a wonderful addition to the right home!

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