Name: Ginger

Breed: Mixed
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: Approx. July 2015
Status: Available for Adoption

Ginger is a beautiful young dog looking for her forever family. She ended up in rescue after repeatedly wandering from her rural home. Ginger loves to play and receive attention. She does well with most other dogs, but prefers easy going, stable dogs to socialize with and will stand her ground if another dog gets too pushy. She is good with children and ignores cats. Ginger will train easily with consistent, positive reinforcement and she LOVES food so is happy to learn new things and show off her tricks if there is a food reward involved! An active home where Ginger can be a part of the family will be ideal. She will require ample daily activity and loves (and lives for) going for walks. Ginger will bark to warn of any intruders (animal or human) to her territory and sometimes needs to be distracted to avoid too many false “alarms”! A fenced yard is needed to keep Ginger safe as she will run if given an opportunity to do so. Ginger is a sweet, medium sized dog that has the softest fur and loves pets and bedtime cuddles! Every minute this beautiful dog is in rescue is a minute that a family is missing out on having her as an amazing addition to their life!
*Note: Ginger has tested positive for Lyme disease, but has no symptoms and requires no treatment. She is unaffected.

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