Kritter Types: Dog

Name: Peeka Breed: Mixed Sex: Female Date of Birth: December 24, 2013 Status: Available for Adoption Peeka is a beautiful, athletic dog looking for her forever home. While she can be uncertain in new situations and around new people, with a little bit of patience and gentleness, she warms up quickly. Peeka loves to run and explore. She is looking […]


Name: Maya Breed: Saint Bernard Sex: Female Date of Birth: May 2017 Status: Available for Adoption¬† Maya is a big, active young dog looking for a committed forever family. She would love a home with lots of space to explore. Maya has a history of escaping the yard at her previous home so precautions will need to be taken to […]


Name: Tess Breed: Mixed (Husky x) Sex: Female Date of Birth: August 2016 Status: Available for AdoptionTess came into care very pregnant and had a litter of 9 pups less than 48 hours after coming into rescue. She was a great mom and she is finally ready for her chance at a forever home! Tess has adapted well to living […]


Name: Bruce Breed: Mixed (Husky X) Sex: Male Date of Birth: May 8, 2018 Status: Available for Adoption Bruce is almost an exact replica of his beautiful mom, Tess (and is the same size already!!)! This very handsome pup is the last remaining from his litter and has now spent his entire life waiting for a forever home. With training, […]


  Name: Rocky Breed: Mixed Sex: Male Date of Birth: Approx. 2016 Status: Available for Adoption Rocky is a handsome dog that is still learning to trust humans. He loves other friendly dogs and will play, play, play! He must have a confident, easy going, playful dog friend in his forever home. Rocky is very unsure in new situations, and […]


Name: Mindy Breed: Mixed Sex: Female Date of Birth: October 7, 2016 Status: Available for Adoption Mindy is a young, big, beautiful dog! She is very sweet and loyal. Mindy is very active and loves running and playing chase with other dogs. Mindy has her basic obedience training and enjoys “working” her brain! She sometimes needs a reminder to settle […]


  Name: Arty Breed: Pointer X Sex: Female Date of Birth: approx March 2012 Status: Available for Adoption Arty is a great dog looking for her perfect forever home! She loves to run, swim, and play! Arty would be best suited to a home where she could be the only pet due to some resource guarding around other animals. Arty […]


Name: Seth Breed: Mixed Sex: Male Date of Birth: Approx 2014 Status: Available for Adoption Seth came into care as an unclaimed stray. It appears Seth may have had a difficult life prior to rescue as he has several scars and had broken teeth and a large hernia when he came into care. He has since been all fixed up […]