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  • Please complete all questions accurately and honestly. Each animal available for foster placement has unique needs and behaviours. It is important that we have as much information as possible to ensure that we match each foster animal to the most appropriate foster home. Kat's Kritters Rescue reserves the right to deny a foster home for any reason.
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  • Submitting this form means you have agreed to abide by the conditions listed below. Failure to abide by these conditions will result in your immediate and permanent removal from the foster program.
    1. I confirm I am 18 years of age or older.
    2. I will keep this animal safe from harm and undue stress.
    3. I will provide adequate food, water, shelter and physical and emotional stimulation throughout the duration of this animal's stay in foster care. Food will be provided by Kat's Kritters Rescue; however, the rescue appreciates when a foster home is willing to donate the food when possible. Food provided by the foster home should be approved by the rescue first (in case of allergies, sensitivities, etc).
    4. I confirm that this animal will reside indoors only. Animals may be taken outside under direct supervision only and in appropriately secured area.
    5. I agree to abide by any special instructions provided by Kat's Kritters Rescue regarding the care of my foster animal.
    6. I understand that any veterinary supplies or care MUST be approved in advance by Kat's Kritters Rescue. In the case of emergency, I will attempt to contact a Kat's Kritters Rescue representative prior to taking action. If a representative cannot be reached, the Morden or Winkler Veterinary Clinics (204-822-4333 / 204-331-4200) should be contacted.
    7. I agree to allow a Kat's Kritters Rescue representative to visit my home at any time during the duration of the foster term.
    8. I agree to relinquish the foster animal back into the care of the rescue, along with any supplies provided by the rescue, upon request of a representative of Kat's Kritters Rescue.
    9. I agree to be patient and work on any areas of concern with the foster animal; however, I understand that if the foster animal is not working out in the foster home, I must contact a representative of Kat's Kritters Rescue to make arrangements to return the animal.
    10. I agree that should the foster animal either directly or indirectly cause any damage to property or injury to person or animal while in foster care, Kat's Kritter Rescue is in no way responsible for associated costs either in part or full.
    11. I understand that I am fostering this animal on behalf of Kat's Kritters Rescue and that I have no ownership claim to the foster animal. Decisions regarding adoption of the animal are at the sole discretion of Kat's Kritters Rescue.
    12. I agree that the foster animal will not be placed in the care of any other person or persons during the foster term without express permission received from a Kat's Kritters Rescue representative.
    13. I agree to provide regular updates (including photos) regarding the animal, to Kat's Kritters Rescue, throughout the foster term and when requested by a representative of the rescue.
    14. I agree to make the foster animal available to meet with potential adopters, attend rescue events, etc. when requested by Kat's Kritters Rescue.
    15. I will give my foster animal as much LOVE as possible while it awaits it's forever family 🙂
    By submitting this form, you confirm that you agree to all of the above statements and you confirm that all information you have provided is accurate and true.