Supply Donations

Supply Donations:

We rely on donated supplies to keep the rescue operational!  All donations greatly appreciated!

**Please note that only registered charitable organizations can issue charitable donation tax receipts.  Kat’s Kritters Rescue operates currently as a non-profit organization and not a registered charity so we are not able to issue tax receipts for donations received.  Thank you!**

**When dropping donations off, please always attach a note that states “KKR Donation” and includes your full name, and an email address if possible.  If you wish for your donation to be anonymous, just add that to your note and we will make sure not to name you publicly.

**Important – We appreciate all donations, but please make sure that all donated items are clean and bug free.  If possible, disinfecting items with bleach before donating is appreciated. For the protection of the animals in our care, we are not able to accept items have been in contact with any animals that have had contagious illness (such as parvovirus, panleukopenia, ringworm, fleas, etc.) Thank you for your cooperation!

Donation Drop Off Locations

Supply donations can be dropped off at one of the following locations, or email to make alternate arrangements:
Carman, MB – 149 Main St. S. (If no one home leave in the garage)
Homewood, MB – 18 Railway St.
Winkler, MB – 225 1st St. (Winkler Veterinary Clinic)
Winnipeg, MB – 1688 St. Annes Rd. (Discovery Automotive Centre)  Mon-Fri 8:30AM – 5:30PM (closed weekends and holidays)

We are always most in need of the following:
-CLUMPING cat litter
-Multi-purpose cleaner (ex. Pine Sol, Lysol, Mr. Clean)
-High quality dog/cat food
-Enrichment items

Cat Supplies:
-Clumping kitty litter
-Pellet litter (wood pellets or paper pellets)
-Canned cat/kitten food (pate preferred)
-Dry cat/kitten food (high quality food preferred)
-KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer)
-Enrichment items (toys, tunnels, scratchers, houses, stands, catnip)
-New or gently used cat carriers
-New or gently used beds

Dog Supplies:

-Large stainless steel bowls or buckets
-Heated water buckets
-Heated pet mats
-New/gently used collars and leashes (Martingale type collars preferred)
-New/gently used dog beds
-Canned dog/puppy food
-Dry dog/puppy food (high quality food preferred)
-Enrichment items (toys, antlers, bones, horns, bully sticks, etc.)
-Pet ID tags (Kat’s Kritters Rescue, 204-745-7842)

Cleaning Supplies:

-Multi-purpose cleaner (ex. Pine Sol, Lysol, Mr. Clean)
-Liquid laundry detergent
-Dryer sheets (ex. Bounce, Fleecy)
-Disinfecting wipes
-Scrub brushes
-Recycling bags
-White garbage bags (preferred brand – Kirkland Drawstring Kitchen Bags)
-Black, heavy-duty garbage bags (Preferred brand – Kirkland)
-Vileda spin mop
-Vileda spin mop replacement mop heads
-Candles, air fresheners
-Paper towel
-Hand Sanitizer

Office Supplies:

-Letter size printer paper
-Letter size manila folders
-USB Flash drives
-Postal stamps

Medical Supplies:

-Gauze pads
-Pet wrap
-Sterile Water
-Hibitane soap
-Tick/Flea Treatments (preferred – Bravecto, Nexgard, Revolution)
-Dewormer (preferred – Dolpac, Drontal, Milbemax, Strongid)

Grooming Supplies:

-Clean, good quality brushes and combs
-Nail clippers
-High quality electric or battery operated clippers/trimmers

Misc. Supplies:

-Heat lamps
-Clean/bug-free flat sheets, blankets, towels
-Zip Ties
-Large storage totes with lids
-Bungee cords


-Cat cage bank (
-Shelving for cat room walls and related hardware (for cats to climb and sleep on)
-Kuranda beds for cats and dogs (
-Humane (live) traps
-6 foot folding table
-Patio/sidewalk blocks
-Rubber horse stall mats
-Outdoor benches
-Bird Feeders and wild bird seed
-Kat’s Kritters Rescue outdoor sign(s)
-Gift cards of all kinds
-1/4 down gravel
-Trees, shrubs, plants for landscaping
-New or good condition dog houses
-Material for building outdoor catios

Amazon Wish Lists

You can order items directly off of our Amazon wish lists to ship directly to the rescue!  You can view our Amazon Wish Lists (below), or ship any item from Amazon to us at Box 18 Homewood, MB R0G 0Y0.