Pet Food Assistance

Kat’s Kritters Rescue understands that providing for your pet may be difficult during a period of hardship. If you find yourself struggling, we would like to help ensure your cat/dog has food in his/her belly.

Who is Eligible?
-This program is currently only available to those in Carman, Winkler, and Morden (Manitoba) and the surrounding areas.
-You must be requesting assistance for your OWN pet(s).
-This program does not require proof of income; however, we ask that only those that TRULY need assistance request it.

How It Works

Fill out the online application for pet food assistance. You will receive a response within 48 hours (delayed reply possible during very busy times) and we will inform you IF we have food available for this program at that time or not. If supplies are available, we will put you in touch with a volunteer in your area to make arrangements to meet and pick up the food. **Pick up will be required and failure to pick up at the scheduled date/time will render you ineligible for the program.

Important Notes
-Please only use this program if you actually need to. Our food supply for this program is limited, and we would like to assist those most in need of the support.
-Because it may take a couple of days to respond to your request, this program is not appropriate for emergency use where the food is required immediately, however, if your situation is urgent, please make sure to state this in your initial email.
-This program is only available when supplies are available! If we do not have food available at the time of your request, we will be unable to assist.
-The type/amount of food we are able to provide is dependent on stock. We are not able to take requests for specific brands of food or special diets. We cannot accommodate allergies or dietary restrictions.
-We cannot guarantee quality of food. At times, food may be expired or bags may be open, or ripped. Feeding your pet food obtained through this program is completely at your own risk!
-Meeting with a rescue volunteer to pick up is required. NEVER show up at a volunteer’s home, even if you know them. You will need to arrange to pick up at the location and date/time provided to you. Failure to pick up at the time/date provided will result in you, and all members of your household, being ineligible to benefit from this program now and in the future.
-Limit of 2 requests for assistance per calendar year per household.
-Kat’s Kritters Rescue reserves the right to deny a request for assistance for any reason, without explanation.