Compassionate Care Program

Kat’s Kritters Rescue believes that all animals should be treated with dignity and respect, and we wish to do our part to reduce animal suffering. We have limited funds available to offer financial assistance for those that cannot afford the full cost to humanely euthanize a beloved pet that is at the end of it’s natural life, or that is suffering due to injury or illness.

Who is Eligible?
-Anyone that is not financially in a position to pay the full cost of humane euthanasia by a qualified, licensed veterinarian is eligible to request support through the Compassionate Care Program.
-We request that you only apply for this support if you actually need it. Funding for this program is very limited, and we want to ensure we can assist those most in need.

How it Works?
-EMAIL with the Subject line “Compassionate Care Request”. Email must include the following:
1. Your Full Name (make sure this is the name that the account is under at the vet
2. Your Phone #
3. Your full address (street/legal land description, PO Box #, Town/City, Postal Code)
4. The name of your veterinary clinic
5. The Email address and phone # of your vet clinic
6. Your Pet’s Name
7. A brief description of your pet and reason for euthanasia
8. Information about your situation and why you are requesting assistance.
9. A current quote/estimate for the cost of euthanasia from your vet clinic.

-Your email will be responded to as soon as possible. Please note that during busy times a delay is to be expected. This program is not suitable for assistance during an emergency.
-We will inform you if we have funds available to assist. If so, you will need to have your veterinary clinic forward us an estimate for the euthanasia procedure. Once we have that information, we will let you know what amount of assistance we are able to provide. *To speed up the process, providing this information in the initial email requesting support would be helpful.
-If you wish to accept the assistance we are able to provide, you need to schedule the euthanasia appointment with your veterinary clinic and inform us of the date/time of the appointment. We will contact your vet clinic to make a payment directly to your bill. **NOTE: If your vet clinic is not able to accept credit card payments via telephone, we will not be able to assist.

Important Notes
-This program is only available when funds are available.
-Funds will be paid directly to the veterinary clinic, never to individuals. Your veterinary clinic of choice must be able to accept credit card payments via telephone.
-Funds apply to euthanasia ONLY. This program cannot be used for any additional, optional expenses including private cremation, urns, or other memorial items. If you are able to afford these “additions” you should be able to afford the cost of the euthanasia.
-Kat’s Kritters Rescue reserves the right to deny assistance to any person, for any reason, without explanation
-Limit of 1 request for assistance per household per calendar year.