Community Services

Kat’s Kritters Rescue understands that simply taking in animals and finding them new homes is not the only need within the community. We also understand that there are some wonderful, caring pet owners out there that have landed on hard times and, rather than having to give up their beloved pet, may just need a bit of temporary support. We have been working hard to create some programs to better assist our community. 2020 will be the first year for these programs, so please be patient as our ability to assist and implement these programs will be limited while we work to tweak and stabilize them. Thank you to our supporters that help us help animals in need.

Subsidized Spay/Neuter Program

**New for 2020**
Spaying/neutering your pet is the single most important thing you can do for your pet as a responsible pet owner. Not only does spaying/neutering prevent your pet from breeding and bringing even more puppies/kittens into an already overpopulated world, but sterilizing your pet brings many other benefits! Animals that are spayed/neutered are less likely to escape, roam, get in fights, and show aggressive or territorial behaviours. They are less likely to have inappropriate elimination problems (spraying, marking). They also receive many health benefits including the reduction or elimination of deadly illness such as pyometra (infection of the uterus), and many types of cancers. We want to help you do right by your pet, and be a responsible pet owner! This program is also available to those that have found a stray, have searched for an owner to no avail, and are willing to provide it with a home.

Kat’s Kritters Rescue will subsidize the cost of spay/neuter services for low income pet owners, when we have funds available to do so. This program allows low income pet owners to apply for our subsidy program and receive a subsidy of between 25% and 75% of the cost for spay/neuter at participating vet clinics. Please click HERE for more information.

Pet Food Bank

**New for 2020**
Kat’s Kritters Rescue understands that life can throw curveballs, and that many people experience temporary periods of income loss or poverty, for a variety of reasons. When times are especially tough, we want to help ensure that your pet has their needs met. If you are struggling, we are offering to help provide food for your cat or dog temporarily. Please click HERE for more information.

Compassionate Care Assistance

Being able to offer a peaceful passing for our pets is one of the kindest acts we can provide to them. If your pet is at the end of it’s life, or is suffering due to illness/injury and you are unable to afford the cost of treatment, and you are not financially able to have your pet humanely euthanized, we want to help if we can. Please click HERE for more information.