Name: Trip Breed: German Shepherd X Sex: Male Date of Birth: October 2017 Status: Available for Adoption Children?: NODogs?: YES, with proper introduction. Best with easy going, playful dogs of similar size.Cats?: UNKNOWN, not recommended.Health notes:Behaviour Notes: Mouthy. Easily overstimulated. Territorial barker. Needs slow, controlled introduction to new people.Special Requirements?: Experienced owner. Rural home. Trip came into rescue as a […]


Name: Bambi Breed: Miniature Pinscher X Sex: Female Date of Birth: approx. 2006 Status: Available for Adoption Bambi came into rescue through animal control in severely neglected condition. Her nails were so overgrown they were curling around each other, she was nearly blind, and was experiencing severe pain whenever she defecated. Her teeth were in such bad shape they were […]


Name: Wiggles Breed: Mixed Sex: Female Date of Birth: unknown, older Status: Available for Adoption Wiggles came into rescue in neglected condition. She has since been spayed, had her matted fur trimmed, had dental surgery to have some teeth extracted, has gained weight, and is ready to find the right forever home! Wiggles is a lot of dog in a […]


Name: Qwik Breed: Mixed Sex: Male Date of Birth: unknown, approx. 2018 Status: Available for Adoption Qwik is a young (approx 1 year old) male mixed breed dog looking for a special home. He has been in rescue since this spring, when he was found running scared in fields only a few miles from the rescue. He was too afraid […]


Name: Peeka Breed: Mixed Sex: Female Date of Birth: December 24, 2013 Status: Available for Adoption Peeka is a beautiful, intelligent, athletic dog looking for her forever home. While she can be uncertain in new situations and around new people, with a little bit of patience and gentleness, she warms up quickly. Peeka loves to run and explore. She is […]

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Name: Mindy Breed: Mixed Sex: Female Date of Birth: October 7, 2016 Status: Available for Adoption Mindy is a young, big, beautiful dog! She is very sweet and loyal. Mindy is very active and loves running and playing chase with other dogs. Mindy has her basic obedience training and enjoys “working” her brain! She sometimes needs a reminder to settle […]