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Kat’s Kritters Pet Daycare and Boarding

About me:  My name is Kathy Gyoerick.  I began offering pet daycare/boarding services in 2013.  I come from an administrative background originally, but have over 10 years of experience working directly with animals.  I managed the local humane society for 3 years prior to founding my own animal rescue, Kat’s Kritters Rescue, which I have been operating since January 2014.  I have taken courses in animal sciences and veterinary assisting as well as have received my Fear Free Certificate.  I currently have 3 dogs of my own (a rough collie, a bulldog mix, and a spitz mix) and 1 cat (who thinks he’s a dog)!

I offer pet daycare/boarding services from my rural home/property south of Sperling, MB.  My goal is to provide an environment that keeps your pet’s mind and body active and provides them with a pressure free experience. I want your pet to enjoy their stay and have a good time just being themselves in a cage-free environment.  I do my best to keep your pet happy and to ensure their visit is as stress-free as possible.  I operate a bit differently from a traditional boarding facility, and I strive to offer a more home-like experience that provides the type of environment I would desire for my own pets! Pets are allowed to express normal behaviour such as running, playing, digging, exploring, and getting dirty all in a rural, enriched by nature environment.  Clients have described their pets stay here as comparable to sending their kids to summer or winter camp! Please carefully review the information below and feel free to contact me at with any questions or to make a booking! Please note that space is limited because I work alone, and also operate an animal rescue from the same location, so can only accommodate as many animals as I can safely handle. Book early to avoid disappointment.


***PLEASE NOTE: Currently closed for boarding/daycare until October 23rd.***


Note: All rates are subject to 5% GST.

Invoices can be emailed to you on request.


Boarding Rates:

Note:  The rate charged for BOARDING is per DAY (not per night).  Depending on the time of drop off/pick up, daycare rates may be charged on those days instead.

  • Dogs -$22.50/day 
  • Cats – $12/day 

Daycare Rates:

  • Dogs (Full Day – up to 8 hours) – $17.50/day 
  • Dogs (Part Day – 4 hours or less) – $12.50/day 

Bath Rate:

A basic bath and towel dry can be arranged for your dog on the day of pick up.  This service is not available during very busy times, and is only available if your dog is easy to bathe and not stressed by the process.  The request for a bath must be made at the time the booking is made to ensure time for this is scheduled for the day of pick up.

  • Dogs – $15


Multiple Pet(s)

I will offer a discounted rate per day for boarding multiple pets from the same household at the same time.

  • a $5 per additional animal, per day discount will be offered, to a minimum of $5/pet

Extended Stay

  • a 5% discount will be offered for boarding stays of 2 weeks (14 days) or longer

New Client

  • a 10% discount will be offered for all NEW clients for their FIRST booking

Referral Program

  • a $15 discount will be offered to CURRENT clients that refer a NEW client, provided the new client follows through with a booking

Adopted from Kat’s Kritters Rescue

  • a $5 per day discount will be offered for all animals adopted through Kat’s Kritters Rescue.  This discount is a lifetime discount on all daycare and boarding services.


A minimum of 48 hours notice is required to cancel a booking.  If you cancel a booking less than 48 hours in advance of a scheduled drop off appointment, you will be charged 50% of your pet’s full stay.

Effective August 1st, 2021, a 50% deposit will be required to be paid at the time of booking for all bookings for boarding of 5 days or longer. If you proceed with the booking as scheduled, the deposit amount will be deducted from your final total owing. In the event you cancel your booking less than 48 hours prior to scheduled drop off, you forfeit the deposit and the deposit will NOT be refunded to you. If you provide a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel, then your deposit will be refunded in full within 24 hours of cancelation. Deposits must be made by E-Transfer and will be refunded the same way. 


You provide your own food, medication, and specialty treats (ex. hypoallergenic, if required) for your pet.  Regular treats are readily available!  If possible, please bring food in a sealed container. Please bring enough food for your pet’s entire stay, plus I recommend providing an additional 1 or 2 days worth of food in case a stay needs to be extended for any reason.

A $5 per day per pet fee will be charged if your pet runs out of food during their stay.  I will do my best to provide the same food as your pet normally eats, but cannot guarantee this. They will, however, never go hungry!

Effective August 1st, 2021 – There is a $1 per day additional charge for administering medication.

Please do NOT bring your pet’s food/water dishes.  I will provide the required dishes.  If your pet requires feeding from a slow feeder/puzzle feeder, just let me know and I will make sure to provide their meals in your preferred way.


Please make sure your dog is wearing a secure collar at the time of drop off and is on leash.  Prong collars, bark/electronic “training” collars, and retractable leashes are not permitted.

All cats must be in a secure carrier.


Please advise IN ADVANCE if there is any important information regarding health or behaviour that you feel I should know so that I can plan accordingly.

*Please note that at this time I am not able to accommodate boarding or daycare for dogs that have exhibited aggressive behaviour towards other animals.  Dogs must be friendly and well socialized with other dogs.

*All dogs over 8 months of age must be spayed or neutered.  I cannot accommodate female dogs in heat.

*All animals must be current on vaccinations, including rabies. Puppies and kittens must have had a minimum of 2 rounds of vaccinations.  Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccination for dogs is suggested, but is not required.  If your pet cannot be vaccinated for health reasons then a note from your veterinarian is required.

*A copy of CURRENT vaccine records must be provided.  This can be emailed in advance, or brought along at the time of drop off.

*Please make sure your pet is parasite free and is on appropriate tick/parasite prevention.



I offer my daycare and boarding services from my rural home, located on an 8 acre property.  I may not have a fancy facility, but many happy dogs can attest that they don’t care a bit! My location offers many options for the dogs to have an enjoyable experience where they can just be dogs! Please note that this means your dog is likely to get dirty during the fun they will have boarding here. If this is something that concerns you, this location will not be the right fit! There are multiple fenced areas and all fencing is 6 foot high, commercial grade fencing. Because I offer cage free boarding and daycare, dogs will spend the majority of their time with other dogsDogs that are trustworthy off leash can also join on supervised walks exploring the entire 8 acre property which includes a large pond.  Walks/bike rides in the surrounding rural area, when weather permits, may also be provided. In the house, the dogs have access to the main floor and multiple sleeping and play areas are available. The dogs can come and go freely for the majority of each day from the house to the attached fenced area via doggy doors.  I do also have a few separate areas in the house blocked off where I can separate dogs during brief times that I cannot directly supervise, or if a dog requires some space or quiet time.  These areas are also used for smaller breeds, senior, or special needs dogs during their stay.

**Dogs spend almost all of their stay in the company of other dogs.  This type of boarding is not suitable for all dogs.  If your dog is very timid, easily overstimulated, or can be reactive around other dogs, cage free boarding may not be the right fit.  Social, easy-going dogs thrive best in a cage free boarding type of environment.

*Please advise in advance if your pup has problems with other animals so I can plan accordingly.   *Please note that at this time I am not able to accommodate boarding or daycare for dogs that have exhibited aggressive behaviour towards other animals.  I can offer suggestions for other boarding facilities should you have a dog that would do better in a more controlled environment with less interaction with other dogs.

*In any situation where animals are allowed to house together and interact with one another, there is risk of injury.  Rough play, etc. can lead to scratches, ear nips, etc.  While care is taken to minimize all risks, and any problems are addressed promptly, please make sure you understand that there are certain risks involved in choosing to board in a cage free boarding type facility.  You acknowledge this risk when you choose to book a stay.

*If you are unsure how your dog will do, I recommend booking them in for a day of daycare during a quieter time so that they can be assessed for suitability for this type of boarding.

Cats  **Please note – cat boarding is temporarily unavailable**

Cats are given free range access to a large room with multiple windows. The room is equipped with furniture, scratching posts, toys, litter boxes, etc. They will receive daily attention and playtime.

*Space to board cats is very limited.  For those with social cats that are not easily stressed, and if you are willing for your kitty to share space with other cats during their stay, I can be more flexible.


During your pet’s stay, I will regularly post photo and/or videos to the Facebook page  You can also follow the Instagram account @katskrittersboarding. You are welcome to text message (204-745-7842) and or email for updates as well.  I may not always be available to respond immediately to update requests, but I will reply as soon as I am able.

**You are welcome and encouraged to share any of the photos posted of your pet, but I do request that photo credit be given please to Kat’s Kritters Pet Daycare and Boarding.  Thank you for your cooperation.


On the documents you will be required to complete, you can indicate your preference for your dog’s sleeping arrangements.  There are a variety of options available, including in my bedroom with me, free range in the house, in a confined area/space, or in a crate.

*Please do NOT bring your pet’s bed or crate. I will provide whatever is needed and have every size of crate imaginable if you prefer your dog be crated.


COVID-19 Update:  As always, drop off and pick up appointments will occur outdoors.  When you arrive, please wait until I come out to greet you.  If you have been traveling, have been feeling unwell, or have had contact with a COVID positive person, please provide this information. Please also limit the number of people attending the drop off/pick up, or have only one adult exit the vehicle to do the hand off of your pet.  If you would prefer a completely contactless drop off or pick up, just advise in advance. Thank you for your cooperation.

Important:  A booking will *not* be confirmed without BOTH a drop off and pick up TIME (not just date) scheduled at the time the booking is made. Your pet will NOT be considered booked in without this information.  Drop off and pick up times are scheduled appointments and are not approximate.  Please be on time for your appointments.

**Effective August 1st, 2021, a 50% deposit will be required to be paid at the time of booking for all bookings for boarding of 5 days or longer. If you proceed with the booking as scheduled, the deposit amount will be deducted from your final total owing. In the event you cancel your booking less than 48 hours prior to scheduled drop off, you forfeit the deposit and the deposit will NOT be refunded to you. If you provide a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel, then your deposit will be refunded in full within 24 hours of cancelation. Deposits must be made by E-Transfer and will be refunded the same way. 

**If anyone other than you (your pet’s legal owner) will be dropping off or picking up your pet from boarding/daycare, you MUST notify me and provide permission in ADVANCE. Thank you.

*Note:  When dropping off your pet, it is preferred that drop off be as “fuss-free” as possible and is not prolonged.  The other dogs on site are often very excitable whenever someone enters the property, which can be overwhelming for a new dog, and the transition is much smoother for all involved if drop off is short and sweet 🙂  If it is your dog’s first time, I have a very specific procedure in place that begins as soon as you leave and involves me spending time alone with your dog first, to help them get used to me and to the property.  This also allows time for the other dogs to settle down.  I then will introduce the new dog to my own dogs and then to any other dogs on site.  This process can take some time, so please make sure to arrive on time for your scheduled drop off so that I can commit the full time that I will have set aside to making the experience as positive as possible for your dog.  **Please keep all children inside the vehicle during drop off/pick up appointments.

I try to be as flexible as possible regarding drop off and pick up times between the hours of 7:00AM and 8:00PM (Mon-Fri) and 8:00AM and 9:00PM (Sat-Sun), but do require a minimum of 24 hours notice so that I can schedule my days.

Update (July 1, 2020) RE: Drop Off Appointments – Due to the amount of time it takes to properly, and safely, integrate your pet into the cage free group setting, drop off appointments will now only be accepted for time slots of 6:30PM or earlier.  Thank you for your understanding.


Late drop off/Pick up 

  • A $5 per 15 minutes charge will be automatically added to your bill for all late drop offs/pick ups. Chronically late clients may be refused service in the future.

Changing drop off/pick up times 

  • Drop off and pick up times can be rescheduled provided the change is requested at least 24 hours in advance.  Requesting a change in a scheduled drop off/pick up appointment less than 24 hours before the currently scheduled appointment will result in a $5 per change fee. Please note that due to other appointments that may be already scheduled, not all requests to change a drop off/pick up time can be accommodated.
  • I do understand that emergencies (and life in general) happen!  I just ask for clear communication regarding any changes required, and I will do my best to accommodate, but please understand that there may be instances where a change is not possible for the same day and your pet may need to stay until the following day when a mutually acceptable time can be arranged.

**Important Note: There may, on occasion, be a loose dog (or two) on the property when you arrive for an appointment.  These dogs are in sanctuary through Kat’s Kritters Rescue. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  The dogs are friendly, but may prefer not to be touched. Please keep any children inside the vehicle when dropping off/picking up your pet. This is for your child’s safety, to keep drop off/pick up “short and sweet” as mentioned above, and to avoid causing overstimulation of the other animals on site, therefore maintaining the safety of all.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


There are TWO separate forms that need to be completed (an application and a waiver) for EACH pet and MUST be brought along at the time of drop off.  These forms will be emailed to you when you contact me to arrange to book a stay for your pet. Please complete the forms IN FULL and ensure they are completed before you come. Until the office building is finished, I cannot accommodate the forms being completed on site, so please make sure you bring the COMPLETED forms with you at drop off. They only need to be completed once and then stay on file, unless changes are required. Please review them carefully.  Your pet will not be accepted for daycare or boarding without these completed forms.

*As mentioned earlier, a copy of CURRENT vaccination records must be provided as well, either in advance via email to, or a paper copy provided at the time of drop off.


**Visitors by appointment only!**  Due to operating cage free, and working alone, I cannot safely accommodate drop in visitors as it requires leaving the current animals on site unsupervised and also causes overexcitement for the dogs in care, which is best avoided in a cage free environment. My priority is maintaining a calm, safe environment so your cooperation is appreciated. 

I operate from my home/property south of Sperling, MB.  My location is easily accessible from both Hwy #3 and Hwy #23.

From Hwy #3, you turn south at Sperling onto provincial road 336 and go south for 5 miles to road 29N. Turn east onto road 29N and go 1/2 mile. The lane marker is 10062.

From Hwy #23, you turn north onto provincial road 336, which is approx. half a mile east of Kane. Go north on 336 for 5 miles to road 29N. Turn east onto road 29N and go 1/2 mile. The lane marker is 10062.

GPS coordinates are: 49.428035,-97.694150


If you are ready to proceed with a booking, or have any questions about the information provided above, please EMAIL Please don’t forget, as stated above, that drop off and pick up TIMES are required to be provided in order to confirm a booking. Your pet will not be booked in without this information.

*I will do my best to respond to all boarding related emails within 24 hours.  If I haven’t replied during that timeframe, please email again as it is likely your first message was not received.