Adoption Process

*Important Notes (PLEASE READ!):

  • Kat’s Kritters Rescue is a small rescue, operated from our Director’s home/property, and with limited volunteers.  It may take our Director up to a week, or more, to be able to process adoption applications and arrange appointments.  Please be patient and understanding! If a week or more has passed with no response to your application, please email to confirm it has been received.  If you are expecting a very quick adoption process, our small rescue is not going to be the right fit.
  • We currently do local (within Manitoba) adoptions only.  We have a very small team, and due to our desire to be available to support our adopters, as well as the requirement that all adopted animals be returned to our care should the adoption not be successful, we want to keep our Kritters within the province. Applications received from any other province will not be processed.
  • The rescue is located south of Sperling, MB which is about an hour outside of Winnipeg.  As stated below, all approved applicants are required to travel to the rescue, at a mutually determined and pre-scheduled appointment time, for meet and greet/adoption of any of our Kritters.
  • Our rescue is transitioning to a Sanctuary for animals that may not be suitable for adoption for reasons of health or behaviour. This means that not every animal in our care is available for adoption. Some are here permanently as Sanctuary Kritters, and others are here temporarily and then will move on to one of our partner organizations for adoption. We will only accept adoption application for animals posted on our website or social media with a Status of either “Available for Adoption”, or “Available Soon, Accepting Applications”.  Applications received for any animal not posted with one of these statuses will not be processed.
  • Please note that, as we continue to transition away from an adopting organization to a full time sanctuary, the animals that remain here for adoption are generally in need of very specific homes to be set up to succeed.  The majority of our healthy, friendly, “easy” animals are transferred out to other organizations for adoption.  Those that remain with us to look for forever homes are likely (not always, but usually) to have special requirements.  Please make sure to read their individual profiles thoroughly before applying to meet them.

Interested in meeting one of the “Kritters” available through Kat’s Kritters Rescue and potentially adopting a new furry family member? Here’s how to make it happen!

  1. Determine if you are ready for the responsibility of adopting a pet.
    • BEFORE you consider applying to adopt a pet, you need to make sure you are prepared for the responsibility and commitment involved.  Animals are living, breathing, feeling creatures, not objects.  They deserve to be part of a family that will meet their needs not just in the short term, but for their entire lifetime.  Animals can live to be 15 plus years old.  Please click HERE to review “Are You Ready for a Pet?” before proceeding.
  2. Submit an Adoption Application
    • We will only process applications received for Kritters that are posted on our website with a status of “Available for Adoption” or “Available Soon, Accepting Applications”.  Applications received for animals that are not yet posted with these statuses may not be processed, and you may be required to re-submit an application once the animal is listed as available. Please be patient.
    • Apply online using the apply online tab found under “Adopt” tab at the top of the page. *Due to a technical glitch, if you have a Yahoo email address, we will not be notified that you have submitted an application. You must email us at after submitting the application so that we know to look for it. 
    • This form is required before a meet and greet will be arranged. It is important to answer ALL questions thoroughly and honestly. Our goal is to find the best suited home for each animal’s specific needs. We want to find forever homes where both the animal and the human are set up to succeed. Please understand that while your application may be declined for a certain animal, it simply means that another animal might be a better fit for your lifestyle. Our #1 priority as a rescue is to do what we feel is best for the animals in our care.
    • We may have questions or require additional information regarding your application and will contact you to follow up.  Failure to respond to follow up questions or provide requested information will result in your application being declined.
    • If you do not outright own your home (i.e. apartment/condo), proof that you are permitted to have a pet, as well as any restrictions, MUST be provided for your application to be considered. Your address will be verified, so please be honest. A CURRENT copy of your lease/condo agreement that includes the Pet Policy is sufficient OR a letter (email is fine) DIRECTLY from your landlord/condo association providing permission and details must be provided.
    • As part of the approval process, we will contact the veterinary clinic(s) you have listed on your application to perform a reference check.  If you do not have a relationship with a veterinarian, or if your veterinary clinic does not provide the requested reference, we may require a home visit instead.
    • The rescue has the right to refuse any applicant, for any reason, without explanation.
  3. Once your adoption application has been processed and approved, we will get in touch with you, or put you in touch with the foster family, to arrange a Meet and Greet. 
    • **NOTE: The rescue is NOT located in Winnipeg. Meet and greets will (usually) occur at the rescue’s main location, south of Sperling, MB. (Visitors are by appointment only, so directions will be provided when an appointment is scheduled.) You will be expected to travel to where the dog or cat is located to attend the meet and greet and adopt.
    • The meet and greet is to give both you and the animal a chance to get to know one another to determine how everyone feels and interacts with one another. *Due to our current cage free set up, we are not able to have children attend meet and greets at the present time. We apologize for any inconvenience. Kittens and puppies can start having meet and greets at 8 weeks of age, but will not be released to adopters until they are spayed/neutered and have had their 2nd round of vaccinations (usually between 10-12 weeks of age).
    • NOTE: It is perfectly OK to change your mind about proceeding with the adoption at any time in the process, and for any reason.  We kindly ask that you at least inform us rather than just not responding to our communications!  A simple “Please cancel our application, we have decided not to move forward.” helps us to focus our attention and energy elsewhere and avoid wasting time.
    • If we do not hear back from you after 48 hours in regards to follow up questions or arranging a meet and greet, your application will be considered canceled.
  4. Adoption Agreement(Contract) and Collection of Adoption Fees
    • All adopters must sign an adoption agreement agreeing to the terms and conditions set out by the rescue.  This contract is legally binding and is non-negotiable. A blank copy of the agreement will be forwarded to you prior to the meet and greet for your review. At the time the adoption agreement is signed, the Adoption fee is required to be paid in full as well. (See our full fee schedule).
  5. Start a Happy Forever After with Your New Fur “Kritter(s)”!
    • The first 2 weeks following adoption are considered an Adoption Trial period.  All adopters are expected to make reasonable efforts to try to make the adoption a success and to follow our suggestions regarding successfully integrating your new pet into your home/life.  If, during this time, it is decided that the adoption is not going to work out then you will make arrangements to return the animal to the rescue (an appointment is required) and a refund of adoption fees paid, LESS a $20 administration fee for cats and a $50 administration fee for dogs (and minus any money or items given as a donation) will be provided. Even beyond the trial period, no matter how much time has passed, if for any reason you can no longer keep the adopted animal it MUST be returned to the rescue (this is part of the contract) although no fees will be refunded past the trial period.

In most cases, steps 3, 4, and 5 can be combined to occur at the same time.

We require all cats to be transported in a carrier and all dogs on a leash. Adopters must supply carriers, collars, leashes for their new companion.

You will be given your adopted pet’s health records at this time as well.

Thank you for considering adoption as an option!