Adoption Process


As our rescue continues to phase out our adoption program to focus on our sanctuary program and provide specialty care for animals with health or behaviour issues, as well as focus on expanding the services we provide to the surrounding communities (TNR, Subsidized Spay and Neuter, Pet Food Assistance, etc), we have made the decision to halt our adoption program effective immediately.

We have been working towards phasing out our adoption program for over a year so that we can focus on helping animals in ways that play to our strengths and provide exceptional care to animals that may otherwise be overlooked. Our very small volunteer team, our rural location, the types of animals we take in (usually those that require specialized care), as well as the COVID-19 pandemic have all played a part in this decision. We may reinstate our adoption program in future, when we feel we can meet the demands of offering the type of adoption process for which we can feel confident meets our high standards.

For now, we will continue to provide all vet care to animals entering our rescue and then seek transfer of our healthy, social, adoptable Kritters to adoption programs through other reputable organizations that share our desire to seek homes that are the right fit for each individual animal’s needs. We will keep any animals here that need long term care or that are not good candidates for transfer/adoption due to reasons of health or behaviour. These animals will remain permanent residents through our sanctuary program, or will remain in care until determined to be healthy and behaviorally sound, at which time we will seek transfer to an adopting organization.

We are proud of the high quality of care we provide to the Kritters and of the expanded work we are doing in the rural communities around us. We appreciate your support during this transition and for many years to come! Together, we are helping some of the most vulnerable animals in need to lead a healthy, happy existence that they otherwise may never have had opportunity to experience.

Thank you for your support!