About Us

We help stray and unwanted animals by providing veterinary care and a safe, loving environment while they await their perfect forever homes.


To sterilize and provide veterinary care to animals in need and to provide a safe, loving environment while we seek to place each animal in a permanent, happy and loving forever home.


We are a 100% volunteer based organization that strives to help animals in need. Whether an animal ends up at a local pound or is found as a stray trying to survive on it’s own, we want to do what we can to assist. While the initial plan was to operate out of foster homes where the animal can reside in a safe, loving environment while they await adoption to a forever home, lack of committed and reliable foster homes has changed the rescue into more of a shelter facility operated out of our rescue founder’s home. In October 2016, an 8 acre rural property and home south of Sperling, MB was purchased by Kathy and rescue operations were relocated there.  We still do seek foster homes though to help out! All animals in our care are seen by a veterinarian and will be spayed/neutered, tattooed, vaccinated, and dewormed prior to adoption. We operate on a small scale and can only take in new animals when we have space at the shelter or an appropriate foster home available and when we are in a position financially to provide the supplies and care necessary. Please consider donating and or fostering to help us on this journey to save lives.

Kat’s Kritters Rescue believes that all animals, not just companion animals, deserve our respect and love.  All events will serve food that is vegetarian and/or vegan and we will not exploit animals in any way to raise funds.  Our hope is to extend our compassionate views towards animals to our followers and to foster respectful public dialogue. We recognize the value of all animals and desire to do our part to reduce animal suffering.

General Information

We make a commitment to each animal that comes into our care and strive to find each animal the forever home best suited to it’s individual needs. We are always in need of volunteers as well as donations of supplies and money to keep us in operation! Contact us for details on how you can help and be part of making a difference in the lives of animals in need!

Contact Us

Email: katskrittersmb@gmail.com

Facebook: facebook.com/katskrittersmb


Twitter: @katskrittersmb


In October 2016 the rescue’s director, Kathy, relocated to an acreage south of Sperling, MB, which is easily accessible from both Hwy #3 and Hwy #23. The majority of the animals in the care of Kat’s Kritters Rescue are located there, with some being out in foster homes. We do not have hours where we are open to the public, but are happy to accept visitors by appointment.  To visit or drop off donations, please email katskrittersmb@gmail.com to arrange.  Please submit an application, found here on our website, and contact us to arrange to meet an animal that you are considering adopting!

*Please make an appointment to visit!  KAT’S KRITTERS IS NOT ABLE TO ACCOMMODATE DROP IN VISITORS.*